Appweb Licensing Overview

This page helps explain what are the requirements of the Appweb Open Source License.

This page is a guide only, please consult the actual license for the governing terms. If you have questions, please read the licensing FAQ or contact us at:

Open Source License

Appweb is provided under the GNU open source license which is governed by the provisions of the GPL license. If you are licensing your software or product under the GPL, or if you are a non-profit or educational institution, the GPL license should be able to meet your needs.

If you are a commercial entity and do not want to use the GPL for your product, the GPL license may be used for evaluation purposes within your company. For other commercial uses, we recommend a Commercial License. If you require a commercial license or commercial support for Appweb, see Commercial License below or consult Embedthis Software.

When to Use the GPL

The Appweb GPL license is ideal for internal use, evaluation and some cases of stand-alone use. If your software is 100% GPL or is licensed under an acceptable Open Source License that is OSI approved and GPL compatible, you may use Appweb and embed them in your applications or devices. You do not need any other agreement or license — the GPL is all you need.

Obligations of the GPL

If you use the Appweb open source license, you abide by all the provisions of the GPL. These include (among other provisions) that if you redistribute your software and include Appweb software within your application, you must provide your complete source code to all on a non-discriminatory basis.

Note that under the GPL license, you may develop, evaluate and embed Embedthis software in your application or product provided it is not redistributed either internally or externally. You may copy and modify the source code provided all copies fall under the GPL license. Please read the full GPL License for full details.

Commercial License

If your application is linked (using either static or dynamic linking) with Appweb and you do not provide all your application source code freely to all under an acceptable open source license and you wish to redistribute your application, then you will need a commercial license. There are also several good reasons to use a commercial license:

The Embedthis Commercial license is such a commercial license.


You may also redistribute Embedthis products if you only use them in a stand-alone fashion as freestanding binaries without embedding them in your application. These redistributed copies remain under the GPL license.

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